Don’t be bullied! Compete and WIN with Cloud and Hosting Services

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As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), competition with AWS and Google can be fierce.  They target your clients and prospects with offers of better services, automation and less cost.  In a market with a few dominant players continuously touting their wares, will you survive? Even better – will you thrive?

You can learn how other MSP’s are thriving at IBM InterConnect 2017, as they:

  • Attract and retain the right clients to drive accelerated growth with differentiated services.
  • Grow margins flexibility with client growth.
  • Offer more than the commodity players: premium services with the best security, more scale and more flexibility.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear how successful MSPs are winning and delighting clients across multiple industries, from startups to established enterprises.  Hear how they attract customers, win deals, satisfy clients and grow revenue by incorporating new services and offerings and how platform choice enables them to outperform and outmaneuver their competition.

Get registered at InterConnect NOW and attend Session 3385 – “Show me the Money!” on Wednesday, March 22nd at 2:00pm. As a bonus, session attendees qualify for a 1:1 marketing consultation.

Session panelists will be:

  • Johan Schelling, ICU
  • Bill Stark, IBM
  • Shaun Frankson, The Plastic Bank
  • Ron Argent, Cognition Foundry
  • Chen Shuang, Huaxia Express
  • Pascal Nsame, Kardinal Microsystems, Inc.

Don’t let the 500 lb gorillas automate and commoditize you out of the game! Stand up and take control – it all starts at InterConnect 2017.

Blog Author:

Barb Castro is a Content Marketer for the Worldwide IBM LinuxONE team.  In this role, she focuses on the development and delivery of engaging content which highlights the value of IBM LinuxONE.  She has held multiple diverse roles at IBM including managing and delivering Products and Services.  Barb resides in Tampa, FL with her family.  To connect with Barb, follow her on Twitter @BarbMCastro or LinkedIn