IBM z/VM 6.4 for LinuxONE

0 Posted by - October 25, 2016 - Blog

IBM z/VM 6.4 for LinuxONE delivers industry-proven advanced virtualization

A fundamental strength of z/VM is the ability for virtual machines to share system resources with high levels of resource utilization. z/VM V6.4 provides even greater levels of scalability, security, and efficiency to create opportunities for cost savings, while providing a robust foundation for cloud computing on LinuxONE servers.

z/VM V6.4 provides support for simultaneous multi-threading (SMT) technology that extends per-processor, core capacity growth beyond single-thread performance for Linux on LinuxONE running on an IBM Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) specialty engine on a LinuxONE server. z/VM multi-threading technology support can enable additional price/performance benefits over previous hardware generations and can meet workload requirements transparently. Improvements made in the areas of reliability, availability, and serviceability allow low-end devices such as IBM Storwize V7000, V840, and V9000 to be attached to a z/VM host removing the need for a SAN Volume Controller.

z/VM V6.4 is a supported environment using IBM Dynamic Partition Manager for Linux-only systems with SCSI storage. This simplifies system administration tasks for a more positive experience by those with limited mainframe skills. IBM Wave Version 1 Release 2 (V1.2) is now included in z/VM V6.4 as a priced feature. It can greatly simplify the task of administering a z/VM environment.

z/VM V6.4 can help you extend the business value of IBM LinuxONE technology across the enterprise by integrating applications and data, while providing exceptional levels of availability, security, and operational ease. World-class virtualization technology offered by z/VM 6.4 can provide the ability to host a large number of virtual servers running different operating systems on a LinuxONE server.

IBM z/VM V6.4 delivers:

  • Support for up to 2 TB of memory that enables:
    • Higher levels of workload consolidation
    • Considerable growth in memory-intensive applications
    • Superior levels of elasticity for workload spikes
  • Increased efficiency with HyperPAV paging that takes advantage of IBM DS8000 features to increase the bandwidth for paging and allow for more efficient memory management of over-committed workloads
  • Easier migration with enhanced upgrade-in-place infrastructure that provides an improved migration path from previous z/VM releases
  • Improved operations with ease-of-use enhancements requested by clients that include:
    • Querying service applied to the running hypervisor
    • Providing environment variables to allow programming automation, based on systems characteristics and client settings
    • Improved query capabilities for system shutdown
  • Improved Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) support for guest attachment of disk and other peripherals, and hypervisor attachment of disk drives to LinuxONE to:
    • Increase efficiency by allowing an IBM FlashSystem to be attached to z/VM for system use without the need for an IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC).
    • Enable ease of use with enhanced management for SCSI devices to provide information needed about device configuration characteristics.
    • Concurrent code loads on the SVC, and devices incorporating SVC technology, is now supported without quiescing EDEVICE I/O.
  • Increased scalability by exploiting Guest Enhanced DAT to allow virtual machines to take advantage of large (1 MB) pages, decreasing the memory and overhead required to perform address translation
  • Integration of new CMS Pipelines functionality, not previously formally incorporated within z/VM, that allows a much more inclusive set of tools for application developers
  • Availability of IBM Wave for z/VM as an optional, priced feature

For additional information, visit the z/VM website or contact your IBM representative.