KVM for IBM LinuxONE v1.1.2 for open source virtualization

0 Posted by - October 25, 2016 - Blog

KVM for IBM LinuxONE™ servers delivers open source virtualization based on KVM Linux technology for a robust, and cost-effective server virtualization to share real compute, memory, and I/O resources on IBM LinuxONE.  KVM for IBM LinuxONE, V1.1.2 is now available from Shopz and delivers enhancements for the installation and management of the KVM hypervisor on IBM LinuxONE with new capabilities to:

  • Boot a guest from a virtual CD or DVD to simplify the installation of guest operating systems
  • Dynamically add virtual CPUs (vCPUs) to a running guest with guest CPU Hotplug
  • Provide the same virt-manager application and virt-install tools to users of x86 KVM to configure and manage virtual servers
  • Help ensure high availability of critical resources with support for Pacemaker and Corosync
  • Provide a web browser-based Installer to simplify the installation of the KVM hypervisor and to provide accessibility features
  • Provide additional text-based installer options
  • Support for user management, user activity logging, and system module functionalities have been added using the Kimchi tool
  • Manage IBM software licensing entitlements with support for the IBM License Metric Tool

IBM Systems Lab Services can provide services to help you quickly deploy and exploit KVM for IBM LinuxONE. Lab Services has a worldwide team of IBM LinuxONE specialists with experience with Linux and KVM.  To learn more, contact your IBM account team or Business Partner, or visit the IBM Lab Services website.