Simplified Linux server management update planned

0 Posted by - February 27, 2017 - Blog

Ready to consider an advanced server platform for Linux?  Check out an enterprise Linux Server such as IBM LinuxONE™ which can scale to thousands of Linux Virtual Machines on a single platform.  Leveraging LinuxONE can give you the advanced scalability, data serving and secure platform you need to outperform your competition.

IBM Wave for z/VM simplifies management of Linux Virtual Machines on LinuxONE throughout your enterprise, all via a dynamic, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).  Users have been able to reduce time on administrative tasks by as much as 95% when compared to manual command execution and improve systems and resource management to better react to business needs.

At present, the Wave server and GUI client both require Java 1.7.  In a Service Pack that we are planning to deliver later in 2017, they will require Java 1.8.  What this means for users of IBM Wave on both the server and workstations that run the GUI client, customers must uninstall their current Java 1.7 JRE and obtain and install the new Java 1.8 JRE. If this change would cause you concern, please send an e-mail to IBM Wave Support outlining the issue it would create.

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