The SUSE Portfolio for IBM LinuxONE

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by  Mike Friesenegger, Technology Strategist, SUSE

I want to share what’s coming from SUSE for IBM LinuxONE and z Systems as a part Greenstack. You may have heard IBM or SUSE use the term “Greenstack” which is our internal project name for the initiative to provide customers with the technology to build an environment running on IBM LinuxONE and IBM z Systems hardware and using open source technologies from SUSE.

Naturally, SUSE solutions play a large role in helping LinuxONE and IBM  z Systems customers realize the Greenstack vision. The following is a preview into what’s coming soon from SUSE and what’s already available from SUSE today to support the SUSE portfolio for IBM LinuxONE and z Systems.


A graphical view of the SUSE Portfolio for IBM LinuxONE and IBM z Systems.

What’s Coming

Package Hub

Although SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and its modules come with around 2000 software packages, there are some open source packages that are not included. As a result, you had to go straight to the open source project site, download the source code and build the package yourself, which is no small feat.

With the introduction of Package Hub, SUSE will do the heavy lifting for you. Package Hub is a central repository that will contain prebuilt packages for some of the most popular open source solutions. These packages are community maintained and are built using the same build technology that SUSE uses for all of its Enterprise Linux Server packages.

Some of the tools featured in Package Hub will include the Chef and Ansible configuration management tools and other Validated Open-source Software for IBM LinuxONE and IBM z Systems packages. Package Hub is an exciting contribution to the SUSE portfolio, making open source packages more accessible for z Systems users.  You are welcome to give Package Hub a test flight today.

Manage From Support in SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7

SUSE OpenStack Cloud provides OpenStack support for z/VM. In SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6, z Systems’ users must deploy certain components on x86 Intel hardware to set up and manage the OpenStack infrastructure and deploy instances on z Systems.

Fortunately, SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7—which will be available at the end of this year—eliminates this “Manage To” approach and supports a “Manage From” method. So instead of managing OpenStack on x86 and z, you’ll have the ability to manage everything on your z Systems environment.

Keep a look out for the SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 beta coming at the end of August.

Available Today


If you use SUSE Manager in your z Systems environment, you’ll be able to take advantage of SaltStack for deployment management, configuration management, and predictive cloud orchestration in SUSE Manager 3 as part of your Linux Systems Management strategy.

Image Building with Kiwi and Machinery

Kiwi and Machinery are two additional open source tools available from SUSE that simplify building and deploying images. Use Machinery to inspect and document a system. Instead of manually creating a duplicate of the system, you can feed the contents of the inspection from Machinery into Kiwi, which duplicates the system into an image that you can deploy onto multiple VMs with your LinuxONE or z Systems running either z/VM or IBM KVM for z Systems.

Modules, Modules and more Modules

There are areas in open source where innovation happening at an extremely fast pace.  SUSE introduced modules with the latest version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to enable customers to get up-to-date packages for the fastest moving projects.  are included as part of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server subscription and fully supported by SUSE.  But each module has a different lifecycle from the up-to-13-year lifecycle of the base server operating system.

SUSE supports Docker for z Systems in the Containers Module.  If you are looking for a recent PHP or Python, look no further then the Web and Scripting Module.  If simplifying the image building process using Machinery intrigues you then install the package from the Advanced Systems Management Module.

As you can see from the open source tools and technology mentioned above, SUSE continues the strong commitment to IBM LinuxONE and z Systems by enabling environments that are 100% from open source. Contact your IBM and SUSE representatives to learn more about the SUSE Portfolio for IBM LinuxONE and z Systems and the technologies mentioned today.


About the Author:  Mike Friesenegger, Technology Strategist, SUSE

Mike is a technology strategist in the SUSE Hardware Alliances and Embedded Systems team. He is assigned to the Global IBM Alliance and works closely with IBM to identify, test and document joint solutions that help SUSE and IBM create unique value in the marketplace. His specialties include Linux on IBM z and Power Systems, Real Time Linux, High Availability and as a SUSE SAP Champion focused on SAP solutions using SUSE technologies.